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5 Places to Get the Best News by Email for Your Industry, Company and Job

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At Wiser, we’ll be among the first to admit that too much communication happens over email. That’s one of the reasons we’ve built a platform to make information sharing and discovery at work easier with fewer emails. But, as we’ve argued elsewhere, email still has many advantages. A key finding in a recent survey from Quartz confirmed what we’ve long believed at Wiser, namely that an email digest is still the preferred way for professionals to catch up on headlines. Quartz reported that 60% of executives turn to email newsletters most often to find their news, beating out dedicated news websites and apps, social media and print.

We’ve compiled a list of our five favorite ways to get the best news for your industry, company and job delivered directly to your inbox.

1. HappyInbox

We’re big fans of HappyInbox, a new site built to help you discover the best email newsletters. The layout and design of the newsletters are beautiful, and the summary of each helps you quickly figure out if you’ll want to subscribe. While the current listings veer mainly toward tech, design and startups, HappyInbox allows anyone to submit a newsletter for inclusion, which should help address other areas over time.

2. SmartBrief

SmartBrief’s digests are among the very best. The company works with dozens of industry associations, professional societies and companies to produce curated daily newsletters on a wide range of business topics. Each digest summarizes the day’s most important stories, and is free to subscribe to. You can browse different SmartBrief topics by industry, like healthcare, media or tech, a nice way to find what’s most relevant.

3. Newsle

We love Newsle for sending us daily updates when someone in our network makes the news. A free account syncs with your LinkedIn, Facebook or email contacts, so when someone you know appears in an article, you’ll know about it. We also like the separate notifications when a journalist we know writes a story, and the ability to follow public figures as an extra way to keep up with movers and shakers that matter to us.

4. Owler

Are you in a field like investing or professional services that requires you to track companies or competitors? The daily email digests from Owler are a great way to get the latest news on a list of companies you follow. We also like how Owler lists the day’s trending companies, based on funding news, M&A and other events, and even recommends companies we may be interested in following based on those already on our list.

5. Wiser Email Digests

This list would be incomplete without mentioning our own free Wiser email digests. We’ve designed the Wiser digests to give you the best recommendations for your industry, topics and issues of choice, along with a recap of suggested reads from your team. Our recommendations are pulled from thousands of sources and take into account popularity among industry experts, news aggregators and other signals. Get Wiser with a free account for you and your close colleagues, or start a free trial for your whole team or company. 

Posted by Nathaniel Emodi, director of business development.