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Announcing Wiser Curator: The Simplest Way to Build a News Digest

Today we’re announcing an exciting new tool in the Wiser suite: Curator.

We built Curator to help busy information workers — strategists, marketers, analysts, engagement managers, lawyers, communications professionals, investors and scores of others — easily create a curated email digest of news articles. Curator is an idea our clients helped create. We know many of you love our automated digests and notifications and are using Wiser to discover, share and use relevant content for your jobs. But we also heard that many of you simply need to keep your clients, stakeholders, or senior management up to speed on newsworthy projects, trends or priorities. A tool that would help you create and email a curated collection of articles in a few clicks would do just that.

Curator is a simple tool enabled by our full Wiser platform and Intelligence Engine. Beyond the seamless ability to find and “clip” articles to include in your digest, Curator has a number of other time-saving features:

  • Preview mode to ensure your digest is pixel-perfect before sending

  • Easily organize your digest into sections with intuitive drag-and-drop UI

  • Pull relevant article excerpts into your digest using the excerpt feature on our popular browser extension

  • Tools to preface and annotate your digest with your own context and analysis

  • Save and archive your digests for easy retrieval at any point

  • Custom white-labeling to brand your digests with your company colors and logo

It’s just another way that Wiser helps you not only find the crucial information you need to succeed, but act on it. To learn more about Curator and see a video of it in action, check out our product page here or send us a note at sales@getwiser.com.