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Wiser Productivity Hacks: Cara Matteson

Wiser Productivity Hacks: Cara Matteson

At Wiser, we value constant growth and improvement not just of our product, but also our team. In our last post, we shared how OKRs help focus and guide our team’s workflow. Our next series of posts is focused on day-to-day execution. We’ve asked the Wiser team to share the productivity hacks that help them do their jobs on a daily (and sometimes hourly!) basis. For the next few weeks, each post will profile a different team member’s favorite workflow tool and productivity trick. To kick things off: Cara Matteson.

Since joining Wiser in 2012, Cara Matteson’s role has grown into heading up customer success. All of her work managing clients, coordinating with sales, and relaying feedback to the product team is motivated by a core question: “How can we make the Wiser user experience better?” Here is Cara’s favorite productivity tool and trick that help her keep this question in focus.

Tool: With so much on her plate, Cara needed to streamline the many different tools she uses to run customer success, which include a CRM, a support desk platform, cloud storage and separate email accounts. To do this, she turned to Acompli, a mobile app that syncs all the software she uses on a daily basis, thereby making client engagement on the go seamless. “Acompli allows you to share available times and schedule meetings from within your inbox, view and attach files from DropBox, Google Drive and more, and quickly find who or what you’re looking for with its predictive search feature,” Cara says.

Trick: Very simply, Cara’s productivity trick is to strive to “be present.” She accomplishes this with a few different tactics:

  • Music: “The perfect playlist and pair of headphones can do wonders to channel your attention. I enjoy minimalist, instrumental-heavy playlists, since rhythmic and repetitive tracks keep me motivated and focused on the task at hand.” Take a look at one of Cara’s favorite playlist here.

  • A Moment of Zen: To help regain focus in the midst of a busy workday, Cara recommends calm.com, which provides guided meditations designed for sitting at your desk. “Each ranges from 2 to 25 minutes, depending on the time you have available,” Cara says. She’s particularly fond of her weekly bug-report meetings with Zach Donovan, Wiser software engineer, which kicks off with 10 minutes of Zen before they get down to business.

Supriya Jain is currently an intern at Wiser, the social newsreader for teams and companies, while completing her BASc in Engineering Management Systems at Columbia University in New York.