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Goodbye, Delve; Hello, Wiser!

We’d like to share some big news with you: the product you’ve come to know as Delve goes live today as Wiser

At some point over these past two years, you or a teammate of yours turned to us. Your goal was simple: you needed some help finding and sharing new information at work. You knew that doing so gave you an edge — that in order to reach your goal you needed your team to see your landscape the way you do. You knew that being informed by yourself is great, but being smarter together is what drives success for your organization.

We realized over these last few months that we have a new word for that ethic - one that we thought was even better than Delve. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Wiser. Over the last two years, we’ve made great progress in finding and sharing relevant information at the workplace. Over the first year, we honed our recommendations, and over the past one, we’ve been working to make sharing information seamless, intuitive, and more directly actionable for your teammates. Wiser represents the best of what we’ve learned, and here’s how it’ll make you better at your job.

Wiser’s built to help you and your team find and make useful the best of what you read each day: news, perspectives, research of any and all kinds. In rebuilding what was Delve, we’ve chosen a clearer, simpler three-step narrative through the product that aligns neatly with your process of discovering and sharing important news with your team:

  • Follow: You and your colleagues can now Follow topics, sources, and saved keywords that will be found on your new home page. We’ll continue to suggest the best reads we can find based on what you’re following in your We Recommend feed.
  • Share: Click the Share button on a relevant story, and it will appear in a separate stream to the left of the We Recommend feed. Any of your colleagues can Upvote your Share, and the more Upvotes a Share receives, the more it stays at the top of the Trending feed. Like before, you can also Share via email or using our updated browser extension.
  • Engage: Once a story has been Shared, we’ve made it dead simple to make it valuable: excerpt the key part of the story you want your teammates to read, and add a comment saying why. Tag it so that you can easily find it later, or notify a specific person or group.

We’ve also realized that the part of Delve that reached the most people was our digest. Wiser brings the best of our functionality to email, making it as easy as could be to share links via email, and engage with your teammates Shares the next day. And because we believe in easy information sharing for everyone, we’ve made our social digest completely free for any team starting today on Wiser.

We all grow, we mature, we evolve. Over time we learn new ways to do things and we find ourselves surrounded by people with new and diverse perspectives. Each of us is at once an accumulation of all that we’ve experienced and learned over our careers, and at the same time we’re all so much less than we’ll know and have done days, weeks, months from now.

The same goes for our humble operation. As you continue growing smarter, count on us to help your team get Wiser.


CEO, Wiser