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Self-Serve News Digests on Trends and Companies

Email News Digests on Different Topics

We’re pleased to announce a new project at Wiser: free morning news digests that are single-mindedly focused on a few of the biggest trends and high-profile companies out there. Starting today, anyone can sign up for these new digests at the links below. And for folks interested in our thinking behind this, please read on. 

First, the digests. We’ve designed them to pull from the best news coverage from around the web and to land in your inbox first thing every morning. We built them with technologists, investors, product developers, consultants, analysts, and casual enthusiasts in mind. Our initial news digests are on:

Apple, Inc.


Digital Music



Health IT

Product Development


Tesla Motors


Feel free to check them out and sign up for whichever interest you.

Now, a bit about why we’re testing this. As a news startup, our greatest asset is the Wiser Intelligence Engine, a massive database of leading publishers and blogs from around the world. Our 14,000 sources are being pulled from in real-time and parsed algorithmically to feed each user a stream of curated, relevant content. But also as a startup, we face the need to generate leads and build brand awareness. The idea behind these “self-serve” digests was to connect the thousands of people searching the web for reliable, quality content on the above topics with a daily source of the best news coverage. By creating a small amount of value for people with really focused content needs, we think we’ll be able to grow our pipeline and connect with teams and companies that’ll join us as paying clients.

We did a lot of research leading up to this. After all, creating a series of similar pages felt risky, even though each is totally distinct in focus and rich in quality content. To help us validate the strategy, we delved into the Matt Cutts archive; reviewed blog post after blog post; and reviewed all the SEO requirements with the help of the team at Amplio Digital. While it’s still very early, our research helped confirm that with time and a high standard of content, we should be able to rank for relevant search terms.

We hope you find them useful. If enough people do, we’ll think about creating more digests on other topics. Is there a topic you’d like to see a free digest on? Let us know.